G20 Executive Talk Series

September 2016

Branded Story / Eneco Holdings

What is Emulsion Fuel?

Fuel for the New Generation

“Fossil fuel” is drying up and “Global warming” could be solved in the future.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the economy and the life of the people in developed countries depends heavily on fossil fuels, especially such as oil. Fossil fuel is a limited resource which has been made for a long time but, is going to dry up in less than 50 years. However, the consumption has been increasing each year and the consumption in developing countries is also growing rapidly in order to build up increasing economies. The risk of fuel drying up is a serious issue in the world. Therefore, people should pay more attention to the emulsion fuel called “Water down fuel”. This is emulsion fuel mixed with water and oil such as heavy oil, coal oil or light oil.

Our emulsion fuel has cleared 3 issues and has a 70% rate of water. Emulsion fuel got attention about 20 years ago but it was not practical and disappeared with many issues. Former emulsion fuels had 3 issues, “Water and oil separate in short time”, “It powered down by adding water” and “Viscosity of surfactant as solvent caused failure machines”.

Eneco Holdings has cleared these issues and is focused on emulsion fuel again.

“Eneco PLASMA FUSION” is their technology. The rate of water of former emulsion fuel was from 5% to 15% but this emulsion fuel has a very high rate of water, which water is 70% and oil is 30%. Besides, it doesn’t make machines power down so we are able to use resource as about triple times. Mr Yamamoto says “We had to mix water with oil as high density to clear these 3 issues. We raised the quality of the passage of electric current by changing water into hydrogen ion and oil into carbon ion. We also improved the quality of surfactant so the additive of our emulsion fuel is less than 0.5%. We delicately adjusted the timing of mixing and set temperature and pressure same condition. When we completely matched coefficient of thermal expansion, we completely mixed water with oil.”

Emulsion Fuel

We have succeeded to make an emulsion fuel with water from water pipes or wells as heavy oil, light oil, coal oil and biodiesel. Mr Yamamoto says “Japan is a small island country but we discharge much CO2 so we have been thinking that we have to sort out this problem initiatively. We are expecting that we are able to cut CO2 more than 50% by using this emulsion fuel. Sox and Nix are able to be cut from 20% to 70% as well.”  

Starting from Asia the world is in progress to transfer to emulsion fuel. Emulsion fuel is able to be made by mixing water with any fossil oil such as light oil, coal oil, heavy oil or biodiesel. We are able to use these emulsion fuel for industrial burner, boiler, generator or marine vessel.

They provide a refinery producing 500 liters an hour. Emulsion fuel is refined automatically through the refiner when you turn on the switch. You are able to cut the cost as about 40% and create even more ecological fuel.

We have succeeded to make an emulsion fuel in which the rate of water from water pipes or wells is more than 50% as heavy oil, light oil, coal oil and biodiesel.

Electric outage is always happening for fuel shortage in Southeast Asian countries. They have electric outages two or three times in a day. If they have fuel with a rate of water at 70%, they easily get three times more fuel than from former fossil fuel. Eneco Holdings has already got a contract with the government or companies of Bangladesh (Government), Myanma, Indonesia, Mongolia, Thai, Spain, Korea and China.

Emulsion Fuel

When we adopt new energy, we usually need big integrated network infrastructure for the side of machines as well. However,
we are able to use emulsion fuel instead of former fossil fuel so we are able to keep the initial cost low.

The future of the emulsion fuel Eneco Holdings is going to sign a contract with SAC Securities and list stocks in Singapore. Distribution to the world is developed in Singapore so they are going to build the factory having refiners to produce emulsion fuel and spread their emulsion fuel to all over the world.

They have already created high quality emulsion fuel whose the rate of water is 87.5% now. They have been planning to create the fuel whose the rate of water is 100% by adding only additives in the future. The consumption of energy in the world is continually growing up so we must use limited fuel effectively. Emulsion fuel is expected to be used instead of all fossil
fuel in the future.