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September 2016

Branded Story / AERT Moisture Shield

The Next Generation in Decking

MoistureShield Composite Decking has a sustainability advantage that most other manufacturers do not: more than 95% recycled content.

While many composite lumber manufacturers are focused simply on creating a beautiful backyard, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (A.E.R.T.), Inc. has taken this beauty a step further with its environmentally friendly composite decking, MoistureShield. MoistureShield composite deck boards are made with more than 95% recycled content and not only create a beautiful backyard, they keep the environment beautiful by conserving resources and helping to prevent discarded plastics from ending up in landfills.

Taking Green Seriously
A.E.R.T. is a leading plastics recycler and manufacturer of green composite building products. Its state of the art 70,000 square-foot plastic recycling facility washes, cleans and separates polyethylene food packaging and wrapping films for the raw materials in MoistureShield decking products. Even the building itself is designed with LEED certifications, with no storm water discharged from the site and no potable water used in the manufacturing process. The energy efficient design includes a habitat for protected species and low emissions.

A.E.R.T. was even awarded with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s EPA Region 6 “Partnership for Environmental Excellence” Award.

The International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) verifies MoistureShield decking products contain 95% total recycled content – 57 percent from pre-consumer sources like packaging films and waste pallets and 38 percent from post-consumer sources like used grocery bags and milk jugs. Using these recycled sources, to manufacture MoistureShield no new trees are cut down which conserves the environment. Due to its high percentage of recycled content, MoistureShield decking products can also help earn credit in green building rating programs like LEED®.

Eco-Friendly meets High Performance
MoistureShield products do not sacrifice performance for their eco-friendliness though. Their durable composite decking is the perfect combination of nature, design and quality. For over 25 years and counting, MoistureShield has never experienced field failure due to rot, decay or delamination. They even protect their products with the industry’s leading Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

Weather wreaks havoc on unprotected wood, and even pressure treated and hardwoods can be subject to performance issues. Whether from rain, snow or humidity moisture absorption in decking can cause problems like swelling, cupping, splitting, and fastener shearing. On top of that, UV radiation from the sun can break down the lignin that holds the wood’s cellulose fibers together causing the wood to gray and leaving it unsafe and unattractive.

MoistureShield’s innovative patented method to fully coat wood fibers with plastic, results in decking that is so moisture resistant it can be installed on the ground, in the ground or even underwater without being damaged. These premium composites are also available in a variety of natural wood tones and finishes to mimic the beauty of a high end wood deck while offering the durability of a composite. Easy to clean and simple to install, MoistureShield’s newly expanded family of durable outdoor living products offers the right options to fit any decking application.

Hidden fastener systems
Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes a deck beautiful. Hidden fasteners are becoming increasingly popular with both homeowners and deck builders. Homeowners like the clean, smooth surface provided by hidden fasteners, and clips installed with pneumatic fasteners can install 3 to 4 times faster than traditional surface fasteners. It’s a win-win for builders: they reduce labor time while providing customers with a more attractive deck.

MoistureShield Deck Clips provide superior holding power, with a custom design that fits securely into the grooved profile of a MoistureShield board. Like
our composite decking our clips are both beautiful and durable, extending the life of the deck by elevating the boards off the joists to reduce structural rot and mold. In independent laboratory testing, the MoistureShield Deck Clip tested at 391 foot pounds to the first movement versus the competitors’ fastener that averaged 274 foot pounds meaning that they can deliver 42.7% greater lateral movement resistance. In regions with wide daily temperature swings this extra holding power keeps decks from “walking” and loosening creating stronger and longer lasting fastening. They’re even backed back a limited lifetime warranty against any loose deck boards.

Deck lighting
In a survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) of outdoor living trends, 98% of landscape architects ranked lighting number one among 18 different outdoor living features requested by homeowners. Outdoor lighting even came out ahead of other perennial favorites like grills and outdoor furniture.

To accommodate this growing demand, MoistureShield recently released a full line of deck lighting that can enhance any deck design. MoistureShield Deck Lights are designed to work with the company’s composite decking products to add elegance and safety to outdoor living areas. The new product line includes options for energy-efficient recessed “bullet” lights, under rail strip lights, stair lights and two styles of post lights. Accessories include 3 and 5 amp transformers, wire and a drill bit sized for the bullet lights. The lights are protected by a 5-year warranty when installed with MoistureShield light accessories.

“More people are enjoying spending time on their decks in the late evening hours, so adding lighting is a natural addition to MoistureShield’s full family of products,” said Brent Gwatney, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing for MoistureShield. “Lighting is a great way to create visual drama and to help people stay safe, especially around stairs.”

Specialty railing
With the growing popularity of high-end, well-designed outdoor living oases, homeowners are demanding railing that is attractive and not just functional. New railing designs are featuring clean, sleek lines complementing the outdoor space instead of obstructing it.

MoistureShield Pro Aluminum Railing features sophisticated, modern lines that enhance any outdoor setting. Since it’s sold in kits and supplied with installed baluster connectors and ergonomic rail brackets, enhancing a deck or patio with MoistureShield’s Pro Railing is simple. Not only is the flat-top, drink-friendly rail easy to install, but the strong corrosion resistant aluminum alloy is finished with a durable powder coated paint that will retain its color for years to come.

It’s even backed by MoistureShield’s industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty and a 15-year Paint Warranty. The contemporary design and easy-to-maintain materials complement the entire MoistureShield line of high-performance composite decking and illuminating deck lights, making it the perfect railing choice to enhance any backyard.

Find out more about these unique composite decking products and outdoor living accessories at moisureshield.com.