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South American Jets and the Japanese B20

Our Role in Society

South American Jets and the Japanese B20

South American Jets (SAJ) participates in the G20’s Leaders Global Briefing Report for the second time.

Once again, we have the opportunity to participate for the second time, in the G20’s Leaders Global Briefing Report. We thank Mr. Christopher Atkins, publisher and president, for the chance to get involved in such an important project. Indirectly, it makes us feel part of the process, the agreement, and the decision making of the global issues, addressed annually at the G20 meetings.

This occasion also gives us the responsibility to be observant about geopolitical, economic, and social changes. As distant participants in the G20, we follow the new global dynamics (Digitization) closely. However, most of all, we believe that this chance makes our role more active, which means that we should be critical and alert with the results produced by the G20’s Summit.

From the Argentine B20 Summit to the Japanese B20 Summit.

A look in retrospect

Let’s go back to a few months ago, at the closing of the Argentine G20. During the meetings held under the Argentina B20’s framework, essential society’s sectors participated in search of finding solutions to 4 specific issues. Topics that today still generate quite a concern. Not only because these are issues affecting our present, but because these are factors that are profoundly shaping the future of what would be the society of the 21st century.

We talk about:

  1. The future of work
  2. The crypto active
  3. Digital platforms
  4. Investment in infrastructure.
During the meetings organized by the Argentine B20, South American Jets (SAJ) was paying attention to the ideas expressed by some of the leaders of the new business models. Leaders with whom we identify ourselves for being Argentine companies like us, such as ACCENTURE and MERCADO LIBRE. Today, these emporiums are part of the most recent FORBES list; and they are a living example of a successful business concept in digital platforms.

Both companies, through their spokespersons, agreed that work and education under this new digital framework should be taken care of. The digital era had to become a job-maker, education had to evolve and adapt to the new digital dynamic, taking into account online learning, courses attended by tutors in YOUTUBE, and others.

Employment and education are issues where we, as a company, find a common place of interest. SAJ, increasingly aware of its role, evaluates, redirects and focuses its objectives on the new business opportunities present in the digital era.

However, the speed in which the business changes, as digital platforms develop, creates a gap in job’s supply. That kind of skills does not exist at the academic level. What makes companies, indirectly, become preparation’s centers and developers of skills for the business professions of today.

Society 5.0: The new course to follow for the XXI century society

Returning to the work of the Argentine B20, the team has been working tirelessly, giving answers and generating further questions about the four main themes. Under this formidable scheme of work, other significant actors of society were integrated into the project, such as multinational companies, organizations, and representatives of the labor and business sector, and civil and governmental society. All united worked to produce a result: the creation of a report that shows the next step to achieve the evolution of the new of the 21st century’s society.

So, we arrived at the G20 summit in Japan. During a ceremony held in the city of Tokyo, the B20 work team handed over a recommendation document to the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe. The report was presented under the slogan: “Achieve a Society 5.0 and in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

A revolutionary idea. A concept where society stops gravitating around technological advances. Takes another direction and brings society to the center of attention. Man retakes the deserved importance. However, before going deeper into this new vision, below the recommendations of the B20 team in the document.

  1. Promote equal opportunities and inclusion
  2. The sustainable use of resources
  3. Boost economic growth through more investment in infrastructure
  4. Ensure access to durable and reliable energy
  5. Advance connectivity and eliminate obstacles to trade, including a structural reform of the World Government Organization.

With all the presented information and recommendations, there is no doubt that the most powerful nations of the world and countries of emerging economies are delivering a navigation course to follow.

Under this scenario, SAJ has to start thinking and re-evaluating matters. We are conscious that actions are required. It is our turn to begin to build capacities and follow the path of the society of the new millennium.

Humanity is mobilized to the new global trend: Society 5.0.

What is Society 5.0?

Society 5.0 is a society centered on the human being. It is the balance between economic progress and the resolution of social problems, and these problems are solved by integrating cyberspace and physical space.

We are talking that, to reach version 5.0, society has had to evolve and go through several levels of growth. The previous stages are known as the hunting society (Society 1.0), the agricultural society (Society 2.0), the industrial organization (Society 3.0), and the information society (Society 4.0).

The concept of Society 5.0 was presented for the first time in the symposium 5th Basic Plan of Science and Technology (2016 to 2020). It is a project that recognizes the authorship of the Japanese nation, and which aims to complete its final stage in 2020.

How does SAJ fit into the model of a new society?

Where do we stand?

As a provider of exclusive private jet services, the commitment with our clients has led us to be industry leaders as reference. In our case, we work continuously, taking into account that:

We are immersed in a large volume of information with the Big Data, with the algorithms of a society that is accelerated to be a 5.0 society. From the point of view of the organizations, we see the need to align ourselves to this trend of a fifth revolution proactively.

In our case, we work continuously, taking into account that:

  1. To have great agility in the handling of information, in any organization, is a challenge and a competitive advantage. The availability of this information and its use is what allows us to achieve a high level of execution, making the right decisions in an environment of high uncertainty and making constant resolutions of concerns. Also, it gives us the possibility of riding on the trends, approaching opportunities of national and international markets of various kinds that continually arise. AtSAJ, we work permanently to strengthen ourselves in it.
  2. Part of our success as a company is to have clear behavior policies, adapted to current changing environments. The globalized markets have allowed us to guarantee our customers high standards of aeronautical service.
  3. In our case, we established a communication policy with all the interested parties; from political leaders and public administrations to unions and citizens.
  4. Society, version 5.0., Involves new paradigms. As an organization, we assume a role of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with fundamental aspects such as education, health, enjoyment, integral well-being and high standards of aeronautical safety, networking and productivity in our services.
  5. Our organization is characterized by the promotion of energy saving measures and low impact on the environment; both compatible with economic growth, quality, and safety of our high level of private air transport service.

Then, what is our role?

Our role has always been to adapt successfully to new technologies. Understanding the changes that occur and act proactively, becoming agents of change in our immediate environment: with our customers, our collaborators, the community, and civil society with which we interact.

However, we also must be critical of the results. We assume the responsibility of being alert, of becoming the voices to be heard when results are similar to negatives consequences and stop being positive factors for the community and the environment.

Society 5.0, in our opinion, is the guide to a control process that allows order, focus and positive results for the emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the internet of things (the T), the BIG DATA, Information, and Communication Technology (ICT) — making these tools, accurate instruments of development and benefit to the evolution of man and his society.


The goal is to create a society where anyone can create value at anytime, anywhere, in safety and harmony with nature, and without the limitations that currently exist.

Japan Business Federation

Under this framework, the South American Jets welcomes all efforts resulting from the G20 in Japan. With great enthusiasm, we assume the challenge to be part of the creation of a “CREATIVE” society. Where equality, inclusion, justice, and welfare are for all.