G20 Japan Attracts Millennials for their SDGs Innovation Hubs

By a Co-representative Mentor for CePiC
G20 Japan Attracts Millennials for their SDGs Innovation Hubs
1. G20 Japan and its aiming “human-centered future society”
Japan hosts its first ever G20 Summit and Ministerial Meetings in 2019, a decade after the 1st meeting on the 2008 financial crisis. Japanese PM announced that Japan is determined to lead global economic growth by promoting free trade and innovation, achieving both economic growth and reduction of disparities, and contributing to the development agenda and other global issues with the SDGs at its core, incluring quality infrastructure, global health, climate change, ocean plastic waste, digital economy, aging and diversified society, etc., and through these efforts, Japan seeks to realize and promote a free and open, inclusive and sustainable, “human-centered future society.”

G20 Summit and 8 Ministerial Meetings are, at the same time, perfect opportunities for people from all over the world to see and experience not only a newly revitalized and transforming Japan but also the wide-ranging appeal of the various regions that will host these consequential discussions.

Fukuoka, for example, hosts G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting (G20FM&CBG), “G20 Week” or other G20 related events in Fukuoka, G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) Summit and Digital/Data 20 (D20), which is the first Cief Digital/Data Officer (CDO)s’ International Conference in the world.G20FM&CBG and FM (Depity PM) himself represents the very G20’s role and history. In November 2008, he was in Washington, D.C. to take part in the very first G20 Leaders’ Summit as the PM of Japan. It was in response to the Global Financial Crisis. To prevent a repeat of the Great Depression, The G20 Leaders gathered with common purpose and joint resolve. Since then, G20 members have agreed and implemented decisive policy actions, including financial regulation and expansionary fiscal policy.

Japan’s presidency will focus on the following three themes.

First, we need to act on the “risks and challenges to the global economy”, including long-term structural issues such as global imbalances and aging.

Second, we will discuss how the G20 could accelerate concrete actions to strengthen growth potential. Here, we cannot do without discussing:

(i) investment in high-quality infrastructure and human capital, as well as
(ii) how to ensure debt sustainability in low-income countries.

And third, we will take up “economic and social structural changes stemming from technological innovation and globalization”. Specifically, we will discuss how to address issues regarding the tax challenges of digitalization, financial market fragmentation and financial innovation.

2. Introduction of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Japan for G20

Junior Chamber International Japan (JCI Japan,) an organization holding members between 20 and 40 years of age, has aimed to build a bright and prosperous society since its establishment in 1951. Throughout Japan, there are 694 Local Organizations with about 35,000 active members promoting and carrying out non-profit projects.

JCI Japan is officially affiliated with Junior Chamber International (JCI), whose World Headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America. JCI Japan members are cultivating relationship with approximately 155,000 JCI members all around the world, and are working together toward the same goal.

JCI Japan makes direct recommendations to the national government and is developing a movement to promote specific national interests in response to a wide range of social, national and international regional issues.

Directivity of this year’s Junior Chamber International Japan With the goal of achieving a society where no one is left behind, JCI Japan promotes Sustainable Development Goals SDGs that are also a common goal of the United Nations. JCI Japan has adopted the “SDGs Promotion Declaration” and is promoting projects that look to the world. The projects include G20YEA’s holding in Japan, business matching between Japan and China, and ongoing projects such as Japan-Russia exchange and “SMILE by WATER” campaign.

Junior Chamber International Japan

Approach to SDGs of JCI Japan JCI Japan has been working on the spread and enlightenment of SDGs and the achievement of SDGs since the 2015 JCI Kanazawa Conference. This year, with the aim of becoming the best SDGs promotion organization in Japan. JCI Japan is promoting projects with SDGs goals based on partnerships in all projects. First of all, we concluded the “SDGs Tie-up Declaration” with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which leads the SDGs policy as a nation, and by collaborating with the government, we are promoting SDGs to individuals, areas and companies. Then, the Declaration of SDGs promotion” is adopted by the consensus of 694 areas in Japan, and projects for achieving SDGs are implemented throughout Japan. Furthermore, in order to solve social issues in Japan where have a high gender gap index, SDGs goal 5 “Achieve gender equality” is as the key theme, and more than 4,000 participants from all over the world gather together, “JCI Kanazawa Conference” has been held. At this international conference, we have announced an action plan to achieve Goal 5 by individuals, organizations, and entrepreneurs as a JCI Japan in cooperation with the social solidarity movement “HeForShe” promoted by UN Women. In addition, we implemented a training program to create “SDGs ambassadors” that lead to the promotion of specific SDGs in small and medium-sized companies and regions that account for about 99% of the total number of companies in Japan, and we were able to create human resources which lead SDGs promotion unprecedented in the world The achievement of these many projects will be transmitted at the “Summer Conference” where the “World SDGs Summit” is themed on the summit, more than 10,000 members and many companies and organizations that have formed partnerships will gather. As JCI Japan, we will build partnerships with many companies and organizations, and strongly lead SDGs promotion in Japan toward achieving SDGs.

Directivity of this year’s Junior Chamber International Japan
Approach to SDGs of JCI Japan

G20YEA Summit: An organization of G20 member countries that promotes and develops youth entrepreneurship as a driving force for economic revival, job creation, innovation, and social change is the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20 YEA). Alliance members are represent more than 500,000 youth entrepreneurs, and every year the G20 YEA holds a summit of hundreds of youth entrepreneurs from around the world, we have made recommendations to the G20 conference, the government and related organizations in each country sharing national initiatives and examples. JCI Japan is a member of this organization as a representative of Japan, and in May 2019, in conjunction with the G20 Summit in Japan the following month, we held the G20 YEA Summit in Fukuoka City, Japan. In this summit, discourse various functions such as lectures of researchers who are gathering attention from around the world and sessions by leading entrepreneurs were set up under the theme of “Imagination Economy ~ for a Sustainable Future ~”which how the new technology raise what kind of innovation. The joint proposal of 20 countries born at this summit also incorporates JCI Japan’s “self-decision right of information concerned by rapid evolution of the latest technology represented by AI, blockchain and IoT” and the solutions to social issues that young powers of 20 countries have considered will cause global change.

3. SDGs Innovation Hubs and CePiC

SDGs is the common goals set in 2015 by all steakholders who got togather in UN Headquarter and agreed to realise sustainable development and a world where no one is left behind in 2030. The leaders of SDGs, people in civil societies, people in industries, governments and academia, like UNU, get together, learn from each other and take action for better World Shifts at SDGs Innovation Hub with a SMART mom, Mother Earth with Geo Voice (MEGV), for your living Innovation. You can have innovative best practices, visions, real and virtual information as Block Chained Data to make your living life SMART vivid and through GPS IDs “Geo Voice” on “Mother Earth” on the Earth.
SPACE: We use Real and Virtual Space
MATCH: We match government, civil society, industry and academia
AMORE, LOVE: We’re always with Love
REALISATION: We realise our Vision, Mission and Value
TIME: We communicate our Past, Present and Future

SPACE: SDGs Innovation Hub uses Real and Virtual Space. Mother Earth authorial Data currating HUB with “Geo Voice” GPS Mapping and Block Chain System, your SMART mom. All the authorial Data on Mother Earth, virtual earth on the internet, are registered in Block Chains as “Geo Voives” on the GPS Mapping System, and are currated and shared with all the creatures as accumulated wisdoms of history, culture, society, science, economy, nature, environment and geology, as your loving SMART mom full of love and innovation.

CePIC: Common Earth Park International Community
CePIC is a  non-profit “place-making” organization

MATCH: SDGs Innovation Hub maches government, civil society, industry and academia. MEGV as a vertual space, togather with the Hub as a real space, maches government, civil society, industry and academia who get togather, communicate, learn, teach, nurse and act togather. The lead of MEGV and SDGs Innovation Hubs for our world where no one left behind in 2030, people in civil societies, and the lead to make their innovation and co-creation sustainable, peaple in industries. We will tell the world best practices of our OWN SDGs in Blue Mountain – Aoyama, Tokyo, Asia-Pacific, we will co-describe our vision and load map for current UN SDGs, we will manage and evaluate our development and progress, and we will co-create Next SDGs with people all over the world.

AMORE: We’re always with LOVE. We’re developing ex-change e-Book “Biografy of my Love” joint authorship system on “Geo Voice” to find your new and better life that match your vision, value and mission.

This e-Books express how each has been born, grown up and loved, are registered as copyrighted works in Block Chains on “Geo Voice” and deliver their emphacy with lovaly life of all the creatures from your foot print and community to the world.

Everybody can be authoers of e-Books, find their new strength, ability and possibility and exploit them through joint authorship system that they currate and consult their parents, children, friends, colleagues or customer each other or one another via currencies, they exploit their partners or own new ability via this “Recurrrent” ed-tech system and “Johari window” theory, and they lead their loves to the world foll of love and innovation where no one left behind.

REALISATION: We realise our Vision, Mission and Value. We will kick-off a global synposium in 2020 to describe our accurate vision and roadmap for 2030 SDGs with collaborated groups, and we will accumulate activities and outcomes of small workshops and forums.

We will co-describe our accurate vision and road map for current UN SDGs in this symposium, manage and evaluate our development and progress, and co-create Next SDGs with people all over the world.

TIME: our Past, Present and Future. In the United Nations UNESCO presents World Heritage, World Cultural, Natural and Industrial Heritage, full of Wisdoms of History, Culture, Society, Science, Economy, Nature, Environment and Geology, which will lead us to everyday in Living Innocation with loving.

SMART: mom full of Love and Innovation, and to peaceful and sustainable international society and civilization where no one is left behind.

Common Earth Park International Community

The Common earth Park International Community (CePiC) is non-profit “place-making” organization, based on cross-sectoral and international collaborations with business, government, academia and civil society. At the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 in Sendai Japan, CePiC members organized the panel forum, “Japan’s Disaster Resilience – sharing its secret and challenge with the world”, and at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016 in Mie Japan, they declared to global leaders that they will make any park, virtual or real, place for a visitor’s Resilient Life and its Sustainable Development, for people’s National Resilience and for their UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with their own SDGs Innovation Hubs/Parks.

G20 Japan attracts millennials for their SDGs Innovation Hubs/Parks. Japan is aiming “human-centered future society” as the PM said, in every SDGs Innovation Hubs/Park, every millennials lead us all, young and old, to realize our own SDGs, vision, mission and value thorough our Living Innovation with our SMART mom.The CePiC aims to co-create SDGs Innovation Hubs/Parks as real places with millennial leaders like the JCIJapan, and to co-create Mother Earth with Geo Voice (MEGV) as a virtual place or a SMART mom with allthe social and digital innovators in governments, international organizations, civil society, industry and academia all over the world, as we declared in G7 Japan 2016, from here in G20 Japan 2019.

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