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he founder of Liveyon, John W. Kosolchareon can probably pinpoint to the actual moment he became passionate and determined to be involved in delving more into regenerative medicine. When Liveyon first opened its doors in 2016, John with his world class team of scientists have immersed themselves in finding avenues of self-healing of the human body through regenerative medicine.

The potential scope of therapies using regenerative medicine isn’t really that surprising. Scientists have been researching and experimenting on this subject for decades now. The nature of the treatment is no doubt attractive to anyone who is looking to enhance their quality of life, particularly having suffered from continued pain from degenerative diseases, sports injuries or osteoarthritis. The form of treatment is fairly easy and painless with minimal downtime. Thus, it is natural that anyone would want to try a therapy that provides a new age treatment along with concentrating on patient convenience.

For those not so proficient in the knowledge of regenerative medicine, the concept of this new age science is built on the foundation of the human body’s individual capability to make things healthy for itself. To many, this form of treatment is also referred to as stem cell therapy.

As Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, Chief Operating Officer at Liveyon says, “There’s enough research in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy to establish that human bodies have the ability to self-heal. Everything depends on how well the healing process may be controlled through optimal conditions for the body to proceed towards this self-healing.”

The Building Blocks of Life

Stem cells are the building blocks of our blood and immune system. These stem cells have the potential to multiply into different categories of cells in order to restore damaged areas in the associated tissues and organs. Stem cells are found in numerous parts of the human body like bone marrow, blood, embryos, muscle, hair follicles, foetal tissue, baby teeth and fat. But not all stem cells can be used in clinical procedures.

Studies have shown that umbilical cord blood is the richest source of stem cells that can be effectively used in therapeutic applications. Upon obtaining maternal informed consent, the cord blood is collected right after child birth. The umbilical cord is clamped and cut and then the cord blood is collected via venepuncture into a sterile cord blood collection bag. Post collection, the cord blood is transferred to Liveyon’s cGMP, ISO-certified laboratory for processing.

Stem cells are concentrated and extracted from the cord blood using validated proprietary methods and are then cryopreserved in a manner so that they remain intact and viable for years without undergoing any decay or aging.

Stem cells are concentrated and  extracted from the cord blood.

Regenerative Medicine is the New Ray of Hope

You may be questioning if there are any benefits of stem cell therapy and organic regeneration at all? Bringing in a new ray of hope, stem cell therapy may be able to:

  • detoxify our organs and blood system and improve cellular activities
  • tone our muscles and improve the strength of our osseous system. Research studies have shown various muscle-related diseases and conditions may be treated with stem cells.
  • repair our body tissues and give birth to a new self.

Liveyon is able to offer you a product that has been derived from umbilical cord blood that contains the most valuable source of stem cells. These cells are best for tissue repair, immune system modulation and reduction in inflammation.

“These cells are hard and fast workers,” says John W. Kosolchareon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Liveyon.

Next Gen Therapy

It is important to commercialize the use of stem cells for rapid development of biomedical research and improve public health through awareness. There are some important reasons why the commercialization of this gen next therapy is a necessary step that carries sustainable impact for future generations.

  • Commercialization supports the development of innovative technologies and academic property for specific stem cell research, amplifying their significance in the therapeutic market.
  • It directs at arousing economic progression as well as enriching public health.
  • It promotes for grants or funds to be employed in clinical research to create more commercially viable services and products in the market.
  • It is undeniably important for the translation of public knowledge.

FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb MD, stated: “We support sound, scientific research and regulation of cell-based regenerative medicine, and the FDA has advanced a comprehensive policy framework to promote the approval of regenerative medicine products.1

The New England Journal of Medicine has recently published a special report by Gottlieb, co-authored by Peter Marks, MD, PhD, Director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, that defined definite strategies to encourage and aid in the development of stem cell therapies and other regenerative medicine products that have been proven to be safe and effective.

In the report, the author wrote, “An increasing number of safe and effective therapies are becoming available on the basis of the findings of well-designed clinical trials. It is critical to focus on efforts to facilitate the development of such therapies, rather than propagating products with dubious clinical efficacy and possible risks.2

A substantial part of the medical community too is now open to adapting to this gen next stem cell therapy due to its rising demand amongst patients. And due to its numerous medical benefits, medical companies and research institutes want to bring its clinical applications from the bench to the bedside.

A Better Life with Better Science

An experienced team of researchers and scientists at Liveyon, through a number of trials, have been able to establish that improvement in the quality of life is possible with regenerative medicine. While there are other routes of treatments available in the field of regenerative medicine, Liveyon provides therapies that are a notch above other players in the market.

The process of treatment is non-invasive and is performed with the help of a simple, non-surgical injection that is administered into the affected joint area. As soon as the umbilical cord blood stem cells are injected in to the patient’s body, it acts as a catalyst to jumpstart the process of balancing the chemical environment instantly through a series of reactions. Acting as a stimulant, the appropriate growth factors and proteins initiate the nourishment and regeneration of cells.

Patients typically see positive outcomes between 10 and 12 weeks. Eventually the patients will be able to increase their quotient of activity levels further to match their physical capabilities.

Liveyon is able to offer you a product that has been derived from umbilical cord blood that contains the most valuable source of stem cells.

As Dr. Gutierrez states, “Before beginning treatment, we emphasize the importance of educating patients on the advantages of regenerative medicine as well as its limitations. While every patient is different, most experience a significant reduction in pain that will allow them to be active once again.”

A pioneer in the space of regenerative medicine, Liveyon has taken its flagship product and incorporated advancements in stem cell technology to make the self-healing process of the body – superior, effective, unfailing, cleaner and pure! With an array of new stem cell products, at the heart of it is “The Pure Series”, a product that has been developed in Liveyon’s cGMP laboratory over the last two years which aims to bring the ‘Pure Feeling of Healing’ within everybody’s reach.

With a long-term vision in place, Liveyon’s goal is to work towards establishing stem cell therapy not just as an alternative form of medical treatment but as a medically accepted, FDA approved offering which can be availed by every individual. With Liveyon’s Pure Series®, it is going to bring about that much needed evolution in science and set the ball rolling in the right direction.

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